Activate & Unlock Your Golden Sovereignty

Beloved are you ready to Activate & Unlock Your Golden Sovereignty?

This is a 12-week deep sacred transformational journey to Activate & Unlock all the Golden Sovereignty Codes, create new divine blueprints & clear anything stopping you from stepping fully into your Golden Sovereignty

Beloved just for a moment IMAGINE what it would feel like to …

To Be in your Golden Sovereignty  EMPOWERED & LIBERATED to create the Life of your DREAMS 

To be and FEEL deeply CONNECTED to you, your body and divine essence

To LIVE the Life of Your Dreams

Are you READY to EXPERIENCE this NOW or are you going to put yourself and your life on HOLD again?

This deep, sacred & powerful Journey is for you if ...

  • You feel life is a struggle
  • You try to hide and stay small
  • You know you have a purpose in life but don’t know what it is
  • You don’t feel empowered
  • You don’t feel successful 
  • You feel you’re so much more and there’s more to life
  • You feel stuck
  • You hold on tight
  • You don’t feel safe
  • You feel disconnected to self/others
  • You feel life is hard
  • You feel life can be painful
  • You feel imprisoned in some way and not free to be you
  • Nothing seems to work for you
  • You feel others don’t understand you and what you need
  • You haven’t received the full abundance of you
  • You’re not living the life of your dreams

The Activate & Unlock Your Golden Sovereignty Journey includes:

  • 12 powerful Golden Sovereignty Code Activations for the 12 Sovereignty Keycodes
  • 12 x Golden Sovereignty transmissions with healing & clearing
  • 12 x new Golden Sovereignty divine blueprints to live your highest best life
  • 10 x Goldenhart Sovereignty Coaching Sessions
  • 12 x Golden Sovereignty Activations MP3s