Crystalline Goldenhart

Crystalline is a Goldenhart Sovereignty Coach & Channel, and has been privileged to channel the Golden Sovereignty Codes from Source. 

These are used to activate one’s unique divine sovereign blueprint of their I AM Presence. 

These powerful golden sovereign activations include divinity, love, power, health, purpose and sovereign wealth. They shift people to a very high vibration aligning the human heart with the Higher Heart of their being and the One Heart. This aligns you with your soul’s natural state of abundance, joy & wealth, empowering you to master your life to magnetize the life of your dreams. 

Crystalline awakens people’s golden sovereignty to pioneer evolutionary change on the planet. She also hosts the Enlightened Goldenhart & Soul Show, a spiritual show that enlightens people’s hearts and souls. 

She has been on her spiritual path for over 20 years & studied self love and sovereignty deeply and continues to embody & master it in her daily practice. She is committed to her path,  deeply passionate about her work and feels honoured to do it.

Today Crystalline uses her sovereignty gifts to activate people’s golden sovereignty and gifts,  guide and support people in returning home to the Golden Sovereignty of their Heart & Soul to receive the full sovereignty of who they are, their soul’s wealth & inheritance to magnetize their dream life.  

Golden Diamond Heart Frequencies 

Crystalline embodies the golden diamond heart frequencies and was guided to do this over 2 years ago before she could could step into the name Crystalline Goldenhart. 

She brings through these beautiful powerful divine frequencies to open and heal the heart to receive the full abundance of you. 

Gold symbolises the perfection and the light of heaven. The Golden Diamond Frequencies embody the highest vibrations of love, light and alchemy. They unlock the Gold within your Heart and Soul. Gold is the highest vibrational colour and frequency that is transformational and expansive in the highest way.

The Enlightened Goldenhart & Soul Show

Crystalline is the creator and host of the Enlightened Goldenhart & Soul show, which is a high vibrational platform for heart centred spiritual luminaries, teachers and healers to share their work and gifts. 

The show’s mission is to help raise the vibration of LOVE, LIGHT & CONSCIOUSNESS on the planet, Enlighten people’s Hearts & Souls, Expand their Hearts and Consciousness & evolve them. 


Crystalline’s mission is to activate people’s Golden Sovereignty keycodes and divine blueprints to receive the full sovereignty of who they are, their soul’s wealth & inheritance to live their dream life.