Personalised Golden Diamond Healing Sessions


Each session with Crystalline is tailored to your needs. There are no limits to Crystalline’s golden diamond healing work. 

Crystalline works with the golden diamond frequencies, the frequencies of Divinity, the highest, purest and most beautiful frequencies that will accelerate your growth and expansion shifting you into higher timelines. 

During your session with her, you can address all issues you want to resolve clearing blocks, limitations, beliefs, vows, contracts, manifesting your heart’s desires and receiving the full abundance of you. 

Golden Diamond healing is infinite  and can include:

  • Heart & Soul Readings with guidance
  • Golden Diamond light activations for the Heart & Soul
  • Golden Diamond light attunements for the Heart & Soul to bring into vibrational alignment
  • Multi-dimensional past life clearing
  • Akashic record clearing
  • Truama and Karmic Imprint releasing
  • Creating & embodying new divine blueprints

Personalised Golden Healing Session – 30 mins: $106.00 (£80.00)

Personalised Golden Healing Session – 60 mins: $162.00 (£124.00)