Re-Birth the True You

Beloved are you ready to Re-Birth the True You?

This is an eight week deep sacred transformational journey that clears the core birth trauma and karmic imprints. A birth trauma imprint is created and held in your body when you have experienced a difficult birth, such as a breach footling, transverse lie, forceps, inductions, quick births, premature, anaesthetic, caesarian, cord around the neck. The birth trauma imprint creates specific beliefs and programs held in the body that form a script you live our life by – a blueprint of your life. 


This deep, sacred & powerful Journey is for you if ...

  • You feel life is a struggle
  • You try to hide and stay small
  • You hold on tight
  • You don’t feel safe
  • You feel disconnected to self/others
  • You feel life is hard
  • You feel life can be painful
  • You feel imprisoned in some way and not free to be you
  • Nothing seems to work for you
  • You feel others don’t understand you and what you need
  • You feel there must be something wrong with you

The Re-Birth the True You Journey includes:

  • 1 x Personal Soul Agreement Enlightenment Reading on your birth name – 2 hours (includes 1 hr prep + 1 hr delivery & mp3 recording)
  • 1 x Soul Agreement Enlightenment Reading on your Mother’s birth name –  2 hrs (includes 1 hr prep +1 hr delivery)
  • 1 x 120 mins deep Birth journey + healing & activations
  • 2 x 60 mins deep transmission of love & safety that includes birth trauma and karmic imprint clearing sessions + activations & attunements
  • 2 x 60 mins deep transmission that includes core heart trauma imprint clearing sessions
  • Weekly follow up and tune in