Multi-Dimensional Services for Healing, Transformation & Expansion

Multi-Dimensional services for healing, transformation and expansion are encoded with the golden diamond frequencies and working in the higher dimensions and shifting into higher timelines.

The golden diamond frequencies are the highest vibratons of love, light, joy, happiness, abundance, bliss, compassion and gratitude that shift you into higher frequencies and timelines.

Working in the higher dimensions and with the golden diamond frequencies clear and release core wounds, core karmic and trauma imprints, beliefs and programs very quickly if you’re ready to release these and also shifts you in to new and higher timelines in alignment with what you wish to create and manifest.  

Sacred Loveheart Tune-in with reading + guidance – 30 mins (includes follow-up)

This reading will include a guided journey into the heart with a Heart tune-in on what’s blocking your heart that includes a channelled reading and guidance.

Price: $70 (£53) 

Sacred Loveheart Deep Immersion Session  – 120 mins (includes  follow-up)

This session will include a guided journey into the heart with a Heart tune-in on what’s blocking your heart that includes a channelled reading and guidance + healing, light language activations & clearing with an attunement and bliss expansion to complete this session. 

Price: $256.28 (£193) 

Soul Agreement Enlightenment Session + Alignment attunement + mp3 recording – 2 hours (1 hr prep = 1 hr delivery) + follow-up

Your Soul Contract unlocks the secrets of the divine blueprint of your life with your birth name. The vibrational frequencies of your name creates your Soul Agreement. The vibrational frequencies encoded in your birth name carries the energy your soul will live, your Soul Signature. 

A Sacred Contract Enlightenment Reading is based on your full birth name, the vibrational frequencies of each sound. It will reveal to you the deepest truths of your heart & soul and also your karmic imprints and lessons, You will receive a deep insight & understanding into what specifically is stopping you from moving forward and living the life of your dreams and living your truth, including guidance on how to move forward. 

Price: $189.22 (£142.00)

Relationships Soul Agreement Enlightenment Reading+ Sacred Attunement – includes 1.5  hour prep + 2 hour delivery + mp3 recording – 60 mins (includes follow-up)The Relationships Soul Agreements Enlightenment Reading

 This reading is based on both the vibrational frequencies of  your birth names,It will reveal to you the deepest truths of both your hearts & souls, karmic vows, contracts, relationships and communication blocks & gifts.

You will receive a deep insight & understanding into what specifically is stopping you from moving forward and living the life of your dreams and living your truth & divine guidance on how to navigate your Soul Agreement with grace and ease & how to clear what’s blocking you. 

Price: $262.53 (£197.00)

Business Soul Agreement Enlightenment Session on your business name, website & business to Maximise Success + Sacred Attunement to align with your business – includes 2  hour prep + 2 hour delivery + mp3 recording – 120 mins (includes follow-up)

It will help you:

1. Understand and align to your primary life challenges, abilities, drives and life purpose.

2. Refine your business goals so they are a true expression of your life purpose

3. Develop and express these qualities and goals in the outer world through yourbusiness  by  optimising the flow of spiritual energyfrom the birth name and the current/optimal name into the names of your:

  • business (legal, trading, holding company)
  • products
  • services
  • website addresses
  • email addresses

which will then transmit the optimal attracting energy to draw enthusiastic customers from the:

  • niche market you are addressing who are:
  • very eager to do business because they are:
  • already aligned to what you have to offer
  • as trust has already been built energetically.

This is multidimensional attracting energy optimisation, above and beyond normal search engine optimisation effects.

Building trust with a customer is priceless and it normally takes an average of three contacts with a business before they commit to buying something. It’s vital to encode in your business optimal attracting energy where you’re in alignment with your Soul Agreement & Purpose.

4. Enhance interpersonal relationships and Team Dynamics
within your business to make it run more smoothly and synergistically including:

  • Finding the right people for specific positions
  • Building jobs around a person’s strengths to maximise their potential, performance, contribution and sense of job satisfaction both individually and within teams
  • Developing optimal people management strategies specifically tailored for each individual and for entire teams
  • Minimising conflict in the first place and where it does occur achieving more efficient resolution
  • Improving client, supplier, business partner and associate relationships

Price: $262.53 (£197.00)

Multi-Dimensional Past Life Journeys – 1.5 hours (includes follow-up)

How Past Life Times Affect You Now

Most of us have had the experience of meeting someone for the first time, and falling immediately into a comfortable relationship “just like old friends.” Or visiting a new part of the world, only to find it feels very familiar somehow. These are often instances of re-encountering people and places we have known in prior lifetimes.

 We unconsciously carry forward experiences, attitudes, and relationship dynamics from prior lives into our current lifetime. Many times this is beneficial, as in cases where we just have a “knack” for numbers, or seem to master a new skill or area of study as if we already knew it. Other times, traumatic experiences — like a violent death or loss of a loved one — are left unresolved.  Troubled relationships may be left in a state of conflict.  Attitudes and decisions that resulted from or worked well in a prior lifetime may be carried forward into the current life in ways that are detrimental. That is where regression therapy was first applied, in resolving these experiences from the past that are blocking our progress and happiness now. In addition, past-life therapy is now also used to uncover and reinforce the strengths and positive experiences we are carrying forward with us. 

 Trauma and issues from the past can be reactivated by events in our current lifetime without our conscious awareness. We might react to people and situations in ways that seem counter-productive, or we have a “gridlock” problem that we can’t seem to resolve no matter what we try. It may be because the problem is actually rooted in dynamics set up in prior personalities/lifetimes. 

How the Process of Multi-Dimensional Past Life Therapy Works

In past-life therapy we regress clients (to regress means to go or move backward) to the time and place where the original activating event occurred. This can be achieved through hypnosis, guided imagery, or other states of deep relaxation where memories that are normally unconscious can be accessed. Similar techniques are often used to access early childhood memories from the current lifetime that may be underlying present-day problems and issues. By bringing these memories into conscious awareness, we can release or diffuse the energy and emotional blockages that keep us stuck. Typically, the therapist guides the client through the significant events of the lifetime, through the death experience, and then a “life review.” This is where the purpose of that lifetime, the lessons learned, and decisions made are examined from a higher, spiritual perspective. We particularly look at what is most important about that prior life in terms of the client’s current personality and situation.

It helps to clear and release karmic vows and contracts made in other lives holding you back in your present life. We also work with your Akashic Records. The session is completed with an attunement to bring you into vibrational alignment with the changes you have made and in resonance with your new frequency. 

Re-experiencing the key events of a past-life and reprocessing the impact helps to bring closure to the events of that lifetime. This enables us to move forward more freely in the present. The process is similar to conventional therapy: we trace issues to their origin, reprocess the experience, emotions, and decisions made, and find completion. Past-life regression work merely extends the time frame further into the past for the deeper origins of issues. Even if one believes these “memories” are not true past-life experiences, they function as symbolic stories and are equally as effective in resolving current issues.

Even When You Don’t Need ‘Therapy’

 Many people who would not typically consider themselves in need of traditional counseling or therapy seek out past life work.  They find that it is a marvelous way to explore other dimensions of their existence, deepen their spiritual connection, and find higher guidance for many areas of their life.  It can enhance our understanding of what it means to be human, and what we are all about with this earth adventure

Problems We Can Address with Past Life Therapy

Of course, not all problems and issues are rooted in experiences from prior lifetimes. It is important to distinguish when we have a current life issue that needs to be addressed through other means. Some of the more significant areas in which past-life therapy has traditionally been used are:  

  • Troubling behavior and attitude patterns that have persisted over time, despite attempts to change

  • Relationship dynamics that seem to have a life of their own (intense attraction/aversion to another person, deep-seated issues that defy resolution)

  • Phobias – intense fears, such as fear of heights or fear of water, that seem unconnected to an experience in the current life

  • Some chronic physical ailments, sensations and pains

  • Dominant attitudes or emotions that seem to persist throughout your life

New Areas of Exploration with Past Life Work

There are some newer areas in which past-life therapy is being applied as well, that are quite exciting and rewarding. Rather than going after traumatic or troubling memories, they focus on positive experiences. These areas include: 

  • Accessing strengths and accomplishments from prior lifetimes that can be brought forward to increase confidence and effectiveness in the present

  • Re-experiencing a happy, successful lifetime; this can bring a sense of balance and peace when undergoing difficult times, fortifying us to work through our temporary difficulties

  • Clarifying direction and life purpose by viewing one’s blueprint for this lifetime

  • Finding prior lifetimes shared with current loved ones, bringing a great sense of reassurance that we are indeed never parted from those we love

  • Accessing the wisdom, peace and guidance that is available from the “interlife,” (spiritual realms between lifetimes) where our higher mind and/or guiding ones can assess our progress and give direction to us for our current lifetime

  • Strengthening the clarity of the spiritual nature of our existence.

Price: $220 (£165.00)

Multi-Dimensional Future Life Transcendence Journey – 1.5 hours + attunement to align you to your new future (includes follow-up)

What is Future Life Transcendence?
Multi-Dimensional Future Life Transcendence journeys are working in the higher dimensions and shift you into higher timelines in alignment with what you wish to create and manifest.  Its a simple and easy process that allows you to get insights into your future and bring back the wisdom, tools, gifts and consciousness of that future to embody and use in your current life. 

How does it work?
In the focused state of hypnosis, a naturally occurring state which is akin to daydreaming, you can explore your most probable future, the one that will happen if you stay on the same path that you are on now; you can look five or even ten years into the future. This enables you to recognize any adjustments or changes you need to make in order to ensure that you achieve success and happiness in your life.

You can also explore alternative life paths, to perhaps see who or what you no longer want in your future and to see what other opportunities might be available to you. You may have an idea of something that you want to try out or perhaps it will be something that you hadn’t thought of consciously. 

My favourite part of this work is helping you to reconnect with the highest aspect of self- what I call ‘Higher Sef’ this aspect of you is your intuitive part and it has no doubts; no fears; no sense of limitation and is more than clear about what you are really capable of. Once you have reconnected to this part you travel into the future to explore what your highest potential future will be. This can be mind blowing and hugely inspirational and even though you may not  feel the need to accomplish as much as you do in this space the knowledge that you can if you want to provides hue amounts of self belief, confidence, motivation and a sense of inner power. from this place you can give yourself advice about the changes that need to be made in the here and now and the messages are always profound and deeply meaningful.

Are you only able to explore your current life?
You can also access your future lives,  going as far as you like, often hundreds or thousands of years into the future, where you can gain all kinds of insights and learn from the experiences you have then. You can get an overview of the way the world is changing and the people in it.

What can this process be useful for?
The process can very effectively used for the development of creative ideas, to look into the future and see what will work and what will be a success, saving time and money that could have potentially been wasted on bad ideas. Think how great it would be if you actually see your book or your invention already working and already a success, or perhaps it will be something that you hadn’t even thought of yet and is just waiting to happen. You can also explore your relationships and see who you should keep and who you should let go. 

What kind of impact can this work have?

Clients often report that, once they have this knowledge, the positive things they visualise in the session happen far quicker than they thought they would; they are delightfully surprised at how quickly the changes occur.

Price: $220 (£165)