Soul Agreement Enlightenment Reading

Soul Agreement Enlightenment Reading + Alignment attunement + mp3 recording - 2 hours (1 hr prep = 1 hr delivery) + follow-up
This session is for you if are ...

  • Ready to hear and receive a deep transmission of the deepest truths of your Heart & Soul
  • Ready to discover what’s stopping you from moving forward in
  • Ready to discover your karmic lessons, gifts & soul purpose 

Your Soul Contract unlocks the secrets of the divine blueprint of your life with your birth name. The vibrational frequencies of your name creates your Soul Agreement. The vibrational frequencies encoded in your birth name carries the energy your soul will live, your Soul Signature. 

When your Soul embodies, your Soul Agreement is translated into a karmic matrix which is then encoded into your energy field. It radiates out your reality to create the experiences encoded in it. It’s a set of experiences at a physical and spiritual level that a Soul sets out to experience in a lifetime. 

Before your Soul incarnates, it chooses what it will experience in order to grow and evolve. 

A Soul Agreement Enlightenment Reading incorporates the elements of the Hebrew alphabet, Kabalah and astrology. It goes to the essence of your life. 

Your Soul Agreement Enlightenment Reading unlocks the secrets of the blueprint of your life hidden within your birth name and empowers you to:

  • Overcome your challenges
  • Express your truth, gifts, talents and purpose

  • Manifest your dreams with more ease and grace

  • Access your deepest soul purpose

It will give you:

  • Clarity and guidance on you, your relationships and life 

  • It will show you how to navigate your life, like a divine sat nav with more ease and grace 

  • It will give you your true path 

  • The deepest truths of your heart and soul

  • Clarity and guidance on why you keep repeating the same patterns, programs and relationships

  • Clarity and guidance on why you keep achieving the same results

A Sacred Contract Enlightenment Reading is based on your full birth name, the vibrational frequencies of each sound. It will reveal to you the deepest truths of your heart & soul and also your karmic imprints and lessons, You will receive a deep insight & understanding into what specifically is stopping you from moving forward and living the life of your dreams and living your truth, including guidance on how to move forward.