Unlock and Activate your Power, Greatness & Magic to Create a Life you Love

I help Soul Inspired Women Entrepreneurs to break free from limiting patterns, depression, powerlessness and addictions, unlock their Superpowers and Magic to create a life they love and that loves them back


Crystalline helped me get out of the financially challenging situation I was in and supported me in committing to myself.  The love transmissions & readings helped me heal the core mother wound and embrace my sacred purpose to feel safe and grounded in my body.  You gave me the  tools to quickly transform my being. Your work is profound and helped me to embody my feminine essence. You’re a rare jewel o

Harriet Fagerholm


Coach & Mentor


Thank you for your assistance in my transformation and development into my power.   I felt totally embraced for who I am, understood on levels I never have by any and secure, which gave me confidence and courage to grow.

Michael Brandon


Coach & Mentor

Meet Crystalline 

My soul’s mission and life purpose is helping Soul Led Entrepreneurs like you break free from old patterns that sabotage your happiness, freedom and success to unlock your Soul Blueprint and become the best version of you, so that you can create a life you love, and that loves you back. My magic is helping you to transform and evolve fast using Quantum Life Recoding™, a revolutionary modality I created that recodes your mind and body, your cellular memory to new powerful codes, beliefs, programs and frequencies and your Soul Blueprint. Im a transformation coach, channel, alchemist, quantum life recoder & Nia dance teacher. 


I have experienced a lot of struggle in my life and blocks to manifesting my ideal life. Crystalline did very powerful activations during the course and golden tapping sequences and channelled recodings that recoded the cellular memory and nervous system to new codes.  It has cleared a lot of negative stuff. My relationships are more loving and peaceful and my intuition is clearer. I have a higher self-worth now. I value myself more. I feel I have cleared the lower ceilings that were keeping me small and limited and that I am ready for my best life yet! I highly recommend taking her Recoding class as if you feel drawn to it as it will shift you into a higher vibrational reality.”

Working with Crystalline was hugely transformational. I have had many sessions with healers so I really mean this by saying she is the most effective out there. She’s the best person there is to guide you through it. I have learnt so much about myself. 

Will Corcoran


Coach & Healer

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