Do you feel like nothing works for you, no matter how hard you try, and wonder why?

Do you feel like you've tried hard to heal your heart, but still feel the truama and heartbreak, and wonder why?

Do you feel like you've tried lots of self care, self love stuff and it doesn't work for you, and impossible to achieve?

Here's what I know to be deeply true about life, the heart, love (and you)

💗  Self Love is the key to thriving, happiness, abundance and fulfillment


When we have come from a background with trauma, abuse, abandonment, lack of love and depression, self love can truly feel impossible and difficult to attain, until you’ve discovered the unique blueprint in your heart for love.  It shows you the purest truth of who you are, without the truama and heart wounds, and shows you how loveable and valuable you are, your truth worth and value

💗   Why most self love stuff out there doesnt work for long and what does

Most self love doesnt work for long, because it’s missing some key elements, which your heart’s blueprint has. 

What real self love is and what it’s not


  • Self love is not doing a one off thing for yourself, or giving yourself the odd gift. It’s a deep commitment to yourself and your heart
  • It’s not putting others needs first before your own. It’s putting your needs first by having a daily loving practice of deep self care. It’s caring about how you feel and doing what makes you feel good. It’s a new way of being and living.  
  • It’s not being hard on yourself, judging and comparing yourself to others. It’s speaking to yourself in a soft, kind loving way and treating yourself like that.  It’s knowing who your true authentic self is in it’s purity and what your true worth and value is, that your heart blueprint shows you.

💗   The love, happiness and fulfilment you desire cannot be found outside yourself

You will not fulfill your unique love blueprint from the outside, it’s truly an inside job that only you can do. But you don’t need to (and often can’t) do this alone. Self love cannot be found through others, material things, food (particularly sweet things), alcohol or drugs. The love you’re looking for is inside your heart, and you are the only one who can give that to yourself and fulfill  your unique blueprint. 

💗  We are each born with a unique blueprint in our hearts for love

This blueprint determines exactly how we want and need to be loved. It’s a map to loving yourself. No one and nothing outside of us is capable of satisfying this blueprint. It’s the key to everything we desire, and will give you the love, happiness and fulfillment your heart desires.

💗  The most profoundly loving, healing and transformational gift you can give yourself is to follow your heart’s blueprint for love 

It’s time to stop looking outside ourselves for the love we need. No matter how much trauma or pain has been a part of our past, our unique blueprint holds the key to healing those wounds and transforming our lives. When you follow your blueprint, it builds a strong solid foundation of love that will always be there, and can never be taken away.  It shows you your truth worth and value. It’s like your own personal precious bank of love   that multiplies and expands each time you make a deposit in it.  Your unique blueprint holds the key.   

Your future does not have to be, or look like your present or your past.

I have watched thousands of lives transform through these simple profound processes of Loveheart Alchemy, including my own.
You, too, can live a life of love, joy, abundance and freedom, and it starts with unlocking your own unique love heart blueprint

My whole life and work has been all about the Heart and Love...

Hi, Im Crystalline, when I was a young adult, my father passed of heart disease and cancer. Mystically upon his passing, my father left me a beautiful and valuable gift: the ability to read people’s hearts and see the truth. I use this daily in my work and I’m so grateful.

Before I came out of the mystic closet, I worked in the realm of the heart and love for over 30 years as a therapist, wellbeing manager and coach in the NHS and the addiction field. I developed a deep understanding of the core wounds of the heart, heartbreak, truama, depression and all addictions.  I also learnt what was missing in traditional programs, therapies and modalities. 

After leaving the NHS and coming out of the mystic closet, I created my own multi-dimensional modality, Loveheart Alchemy, so that I could do the kind of work I knew was needed, but could never create within a traditional system. As a Loveheart Channel and Loveheart Alchemist, I channel the highest heart and love frequencies, heal and recode the heart back to it’s original and new coding. Im also a Loveheart Coach. 

Unlock your heart’s blueprint and see how it transforms your life.

My Vision

I envision a world where people unlock their Heart Blueprints to give themselves all the love they need.

I envision a world where people come from their hearts and infuse love into everything they do to raise the vibration of love and heart consciousness in the world. 

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