Remembering the Truth of Who We Really Are


Here’s the truth: Many of us have known this time was coming.

We just didn’t know when.

Still it is reasonable to feel unsettled and concerned.

The disruptive energy that radiates out from a world that relies too heavily on the external environment can be very mesmerizing. 

And when this happens, it can be tough to not get caught up in the emotional rollercoaster.

Thank goodness we know this isn’t our truth. And that our truth is so much bigger than what is happening “out there”.

Similar to what happens with a body of water, ripples are the instant effect of wind on water and they can die down as quickly as they form. When the wind blows steadily across water for several hours then the ripples become waves that are not easy to dampen. Under the surface of the waves, however the water is not affected by the wind.

Like this, while it may appear that there are lots of waves occurring on the surface of our existence, inside there is a calm, peaceful awareness waiting for you to embrace it.

As conscious beings we’ve been through a lot to get where we are today.

For that reason I wanted to send out a reminder that we are going to be okay and that the more love we can channel through our hearts, the more safe and supported we will feel.


As I sit with the magnitude of shifting that is taking place, I’m realizing how I’ve been in training for this for a very long time.

I’m pretty sure you have too.

Ten years ago I went to see an astrologer for the first time. He had come highly recommended as someone who helped world leaders and celebrities see through their challenges.

He was the first person to tell me that I would someday change the way people experienced and engaged with money 

After we met a few times he told me that a huge collective transformation was coming and it wouldn’t be long before the unraveling began.

To be clear, he didn’t predict a virus, rather he foretold that times would come when our leaders were not prepared to lead in the way we needed them to. And for that reason there would be massive shifts in the way we, ultimately, govern and better care for not only ourselves but for our weakest members.

In all fairness it is not hard to think that aspects of the systems we’ve created in the US are not keeping up with the evolution of human consciousness.

My sense is that governance happens one way or another — we either create it or it creates itself.

Perhaps that is what this virus is teaching us.

Which brings me back to what I’m doing about the virus…

First, given the importance of taking personal responsibility to not spread the disease, my family and I are going to stop physically engaging outside of our home for the foreseeable future. My hope is that others will become informed about why China was so successful in their containment efforts, which is how they’ve been able to stop its spread so quickly.

Next, I will pay close attention to my mental health while doing the opposite of what many people do during panics which is either to engage in “fight” by becoming gripped by fear and engaging in various kinds of irrational actions. OR, avoiding (“flight” and “freeze”) by completely ignoring what’s happening in the world.

When we are mindful to not go down these two paths, we can acknowledge the dangers AND transfer or transform our risks whenever possible. We honor the truth of our experience.

From this place of presence, only then do we notice the new opportunities that exist which can help us to create greater wealth in the future AND be in service to others if and when needed.

I call this way of being “self-led leadership” and I’m pretty sure this is what we’ve been learning how to do as part of our inner journeys…

From what I’ve experienced, a self-led person:

is one who can lead themselves in the darkest of moments so well that they can’t help but become a leader for others.
is one who can empathetically lean into challenges and take charge without having all the answers.
gains strength in the face of crisis.
is one who knows the importance of taking responsibility over their thoughts.
is called to serve the greater good.
responds rather than reacts.
seeks to understanding how things can be rearranged for the better.
believes in the silver lining even when you can’t fully see it.

Examples of past self-led leaders include Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandala and Winston Churchill to name a few.

Interesting enough, it was Churchill who said “You create your own universe as you go along.”

When you are self-led, you realize the importance of planning AND adapting AND never giving up.

My thought is that each of us are being called to develop our gifts and our truth as self-led leaders during these times.  

What do you think?


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