Crystalline Goldenhart

My whole life and work has been about the heart and love...

Before I came out of the mystic closet, I worked in the realm of the heart and love for over 30 years as a therapist, clinic manager and coach.


For 17 of those years I worked as an addiction therapist with thousands of clients in treatment facilities and rehab programs. I realized that the holes they all felt in their hearts would never be filled with their addictions, only their love.


Moving to the NHS in the role of both wellbeing manager and hands-on coach, I developed a deep and comprehensive understanding of the core wounds of the heart, trauma and depression. 


During my 15 years with the NHS, I gained a powerful understanding of how difficult it was for both patients and staff to feel their emotions, love themselves and receive love. I also learned what was missing in existing programs and recognized how deeply beneficial heart work is for everyone. 


With this I came out of the mystic closet and created my own multi-dimensional modality, Loveheart Alchemy,  the kind of work I knew was needed but could never create within a traditional system. As a Loveheart Channel and Loveheart Alchemist, I channel the highest frequencies of the heart and love, heal and recode the heart back to it’s original and new coding. Im also a Loveheart Coach. 


However informative my professional life has been, my first experiences of the heart and love came through my mother. She left when I was 8 and I was sure I’d never love again. I felt such pain and abandonment that I thought my heart would never heal. 


I learnt more about a heavy broken heart from my father. His heart was filled with sadness, grief, loss and unfulfilled desires. It’s no surprise that he passed of heart disease and cancer.  


Mystically upon his passing, my father left me a beautiful and valuable gift: the ability to read people’s hearts and see the truth. This is an ability I use daily in my work and I’m so grateful.

As a culmination of my work and my own deeply personal journey of the heart, I discovered that we’re all born with a beautiful unique blueprint for love. I’ve unlocked my own and know how to unlock your blueprint too.


Are you ready?

Crystalline Goldenhart