hello I’m Crystalline

Transformation Coach, Hypnotherapist & Nia Dance Teacher

Empowering women to Recode & Reset their Mind, Heart and Body for Self Love, Wellbeing & Success

I work with women who want to reset their Mind, Heart and Body for Self Love, Wellbeing, Transformation & Success feel enough, feel empowered and free to be their true authentic self andcaccelerate their wellbeing and success just like You. The only problem is you are struggling to love and believe in yourself and feel enough, feel disempowered and not free to be your true self and feel stuck on how to accelerate your wellbeing and success. Self doubt, procrastination, lack of motivation, comparing yourself to others because you just don’t feel like you are enough or can have the success you see everyone else achieving. You know what to do but something is blocking it. You’ve tried everything…..self help books, counsellors, coaches, therapists, courses, and you’ve almost given up hope.

Together we can unlock the root cause of why you are stuck, break free of those mind and body chains ands programs to achieve your next level of success. Discover my TRANSFORMATIONAL RECODE & RESET SUCCESS FORMULA, a blend of deep transformational conscious and subconscious mindset work, to clear limiting beliefs and programs blocking your success. We also have to unlock your Heart – healing past emotional wounds, beliefs, programs of rejection, abandonment and unworthiness. We also have to recode and reset the body by healing truama, abuse and addictions that are blocking you & your success today.


♥ Deeply loving and believing in yourself

♥ Feeling enough

♥ High Self Esteem & Worth & a high level of Wellbeing

♥ A deep sense if inner peace you’ve never experienced before

♥ A deep sense of inner joy and vibrancy that you’ve never felt before

♥ Freedom on every level

The reason nothing else has worked is because you didn’t go deep enough. You didn’t heal the emotional wound that caused you to feel stuck in the first place.

I was where you are now


During my career, I worked in the addiction field for 15 years counselling where I designed & delivered life skill programmes, and in the NHS as a health and wellbeing manager & coach where I designed and delivered wellbeing and addiction programs. I also trained as a counsellor, coach, transformational hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, various healing modalities and as a Nia Dance Teacher. My journey of self love and deep healing wellbeing begun when I started all this training, which was experiential and involved healing emotional wounds and clearing core beliefs and programs


Since I begun my journey of self love, healing and transforming my whole wellbeing and life, success was just a side effect. My level of self love, self belief, self trust, self worth, feeling enough has grown and is strong. As a result Ive become grounded, calm, more loving, abundant and more successful. My journey has shown me clearly that the real secret to self love, happiness, wellbeing and sucess is actually within .. In healing my past and unlocking the keys to transformational wellbeing and success. I vowed to help other people achieve the same and be free.