Remembering the Truth of Who We Really Are

Here’s the truth: Many of us have known this time was coming. We just didn’t know when. Still it is reasonable to feel unsettled and concerned. The disruptive energy that radiates out from a world that relies too heavily on the external environment can be very mesmerizing.  And when this happens, it can be tough…
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How to Feel Peace in Times of Uncertainty

A Process for Feeling Peace in Times of Uncertainty Perhaps you’ve noticed this for yourself as of late… When I’m feeling tired and trying to go to sleep I notice anxious thoughts wanting to interrupt my rest … almost like they are shouting out, “look at me”, “pay attention to this problem…”, and so on…
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7 Money Beliefs that Keep You Broke (and How to Let Them Go)

 6 Comments / Mindfulness / By Leisa Peterson Do you ever feel like you self-sabotage around money? Ever wonder if you have some limiting beliefs from childhood that are holding you back? Whether you have mountains of debt or you want to take your finances to the next level, today I want to discuss the 7 money beliefs…
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