Recode your Mind and Body

Client Love Received with Gratitude

  • Divine Love HEART Readings is amazing and SPOT ON! I cannot express in words how thankful I am for the lovely reading from Crystalline! My heart and soul were fulfilled just in talking with her. We connected together and she was able to help point me in the right direction for my future. Granted, I was already heading in that direction – but the guidance and intuition that came through in this reading were truly divine! It was also exactly what I needed to hear and feel to proceed and ramp up my current plan. Within the first 5 minutes of the call, I became teary and experienced an immense amount of gratitude thanks to the synchronicity of this entire experience! Contact Crystalline for your very own reading or for help with your soul work. You will NOT be disappointed.

    Janna Dawn Ellis

  • Thank you Crystalline for helping me open my heart! I have for a couple of months felt that my heart is working as a portal to the universe and the Highest White Light and after your activation I can open it even more to sort of implode into the universe itself, and totally emerge into it, in which I am connecting to the universe that is inside me! Since your activation i have started seing light signs, I gained further activations through light language AND I have come intouch with my star family – The Pleiadians. All in one week!!! Thank you sooo much, I love you.

    Helene Wesslund

  • Thank you to Crystalline for a very powerful karmic imprint clearing session. It was very deep and profound session clearing a lot of old debris that I had been working on for years. Afterwards I felt so expanded and Empowered. it is amazing how you can actually clear old memories of pain from 30+ years ago with determination, devotion and help from friends. I can feel the change in my energy and look forward to living the rest of my life from the view point of my New Past. Blessings Crystalline. 

    Helene Wesslund

  • Crystalline has such a beautiful soul. She exudes from her being her desire, knowledge and skill to assist people on soul embodiment.  Crystalline is my sister from another life and someone we can all relate to in this life. My session with her allowed me to for the first time experience myself from within my body rather than being seperate from. If you are looking for someone to assist you on the next level of your journey…Crystalline has the heart and skill to assist and accompany you.

    Dawn Parker

  • Crystalline gave me a reading on my heart that was spot on and resonated deeply with me. The sacred heart attunement she gave me was so powerful that I could feel my heart expanding and a sense of peace. She is very gifted and you can feel the love that she radiates out.

    Jennifer P.

  • I listened to Crystalline on the Acoustic Health Radio Show & then bought her package & had 6 sessions, which were hugely transformational. I have had many sessions with healers so I really mean this by saying she is the most effective out there and in a loving, caring way. The key to happiness is the heart and Crystalline is the best person there is to guide you through it. I have learned alot of myself in these sessions and they are still affecting me now a couple of weeks later. The recordings are always there to have and they still help me to show more love. Thank You, Crystalline for helping me so much

    Will Corcoran

  • You are such an inspiration – thank you again for your beautiful essence and the deeply powerful and sensitive gifts you receive and share. You are of such great value to so many.

    Jonathan D.

  • Dear Crystalline, when I started working with you, I was in a very challenging situation, financially in struggle and knowing I need to step out but having a lot of resistance. You made me take the step, following up and supporting in such a way that I got the courage to commit to myself.  The love transmissions, readings and all support have made me heal the mother wound, embracing my sacred purpose more and more. Feeling safe and grounded in my body.  I now have the tools now to quickly transform my being. Her work is profound and loving, inviting us to embody our feminine essence by being grounded and safe in our bodies. Thank you Crystalline. I am so grateful for our contact, you are a rare jewel on this earth understanding what the mother wound does to us and what it needs to heal. I am grateful beyond words for our connection. Much love.

    Harriet Fagerholm

  • I would like to express my love and gratitude for your caring and passion.I had the honor of participating in Crystalline’s Full moon cleansing two weeks ago and felt it on my heart to share my sacred and cherrished experience I gracefully received.
    This was a guided group with such beautiful and loving souls. We we’re each given the gift of a intuitive card reading which I fully embraced. Crystalline’s ability to provoke inspiration and loving guidance is extraordinary. The shifts in my energies were immediate and I was able to release lower vibrations and harness loving and pure delicious manifesting energies.
    With Crystalline’s guided discovery, I have opened new doors and have a deeper awareness, appreciation and love for the powerful energies of our moon and treasure the gifts recieved.
    Much love and light,Penny”

    Penny C.

  • Having experienced Crystalline’s beautiful heart activations is difficult to put into words.  So perhaps a visual painting would help.  As I close my eyes I see a glorious morning sky with flowing light, rose pinks and gentle soft blues and amethyst colors swirling around, as if being painted by the master painter Vincent Van Gogh, only the Painter is Crystalline.  In the center of the sky, with soft golden streaks like the aurora borealis flowing through the painting, there is a diamond shaped, brilliant crystalline essence of sacred proportions.  From this there is energy flowing vividly into and from my heart.  As I recall this vision I can feel my heart activating, something I can recall at any moment.  With this vivid image I can immediately realign with my Divine Heart whenever I find myself slipping out of sync with the Divinity within during mundane daily affairs.

    This is only some of what I experienced with Crystalline.  She is a Divinely Guided master painter of your Divine Heart, in glorious crystalline hues of love, self love, grace and acceptance.

    The wonder of this is that each of us can, with Crystalline’s help, also live in this beautiful way.  I have searched for years now to find a way to Walk in Beauty, as the Navajo peoples teach.  Here is a teacher who has learned how to Walk in Beauty. Please allow Crystalline to paint on the canvas of your heart.

    I am so grateful to you, Dearest Crystalline, Sister of the Light.  With all my love, Diana

    Diane Huston

  • I would like to say I am so grateful for your assistance in my transformation and development into a man in his Divine power.   I am so grateful to have this opportunity to work with you and allow this healing to blossom within me.  The healing, angelic guidance and all the encompassing comfort that I felt during our session was amazing. I felt totally embraced for who I am, loved and fully excepted therefore allowing a amazing transformation to happen within me.   Your Loving feminine  energy cradled all discomfort within me like an Angels wings wrapped around me and I felt totally loved back to source. I felt warm and nurtured in my heart and soul.  Your voice of reassurance and unconditional love was like hearing the breeze gently flowing through wind chimes.   This vibration seemed to know no limits to the depth it could enter my body mind and soul.   I could feel this energy beyond all the words that we were saying. I was allowed to surrender to the infinite love that surrounded me and know no limits or expectations just acceptance  Your energy  so smooth and calming to me  I felt understood on levels i never have by anyone Except God.   I felt as if I was having a direct experience with an Angel in physical form. 

     The energy that I feel from speaking with you is beyond the words I hear but a feeling I can feel in my soul that gives way to this healing feeling.  I feel nurtured and secure which gives me confidence and courage to grow beyond the weak limitation and insecuritys of a boy into a Man.    I feel supported grounded and loved.   I feel empowered to be a Godly man ,whole and complete .  I feel more certain about what it is i should do to step into this true form of power.   Your are really an Angel in my life I feel the nourishing presence of your love from across the world.  Thank you so much for your service. Infinite blessings to you  Crystalline                      
    Love Michael 

    Michael Brandon

  • What a powerful morning with Crystalline Goldenhart
    I highly recommend this Woman for Insight & Clarity on your SOUL Path with Healing any Karmic links & ties to others.. Caroline is a clear channel & I’m feeling much movement & progression now after my session with her today … Healing soul relationships.. the first & foremost being with SELF.. Learning to Master & Hold our inner Unconditional Love with all our imbalances and shadow parts..

    THANK YOU SO much°•♡•°

    Kaylee Jewel

  • I have been working through what has come up since our last session & I am no longer afraid of the negative energies, feel more empowered by my continual Grounding Practice & checking in with my Heart plus I don’t feel Trapped !!  I am using the mirroring to great effect & am finding it both fascinating & so beneficial to my general well being.  I feel truly calm inside & much happier.  I do believe I am living my truth, I have lost my fear of expressing myself in my relationships & have discovered that I can do so in a clear, concise & kind way.
    Thank you so so much,  things that I have allowed to niggle me for years & as a consequence have been left to fester & cause me emotional harm feel healed.  I am sending myself Love as I write this & love & gratitude to you for helping me thus far .