What I know to be deeply true about life, the heart, love (and you)

💗   Life wants to love us in all ways


It may not always feel like it, or you may never have felt and experienced that, but it’s true. We can only experience this love fully when we love and accept ourselves unconditionally. I call this wholeheartedness. So the first step in restoring our connection to love is this: Self Love. 


💗 Self Love is the key to thriving, true happiness, abundance and fulfillment


We may think we know exactly what self love is but when we have come from a background with trauma, abandonment, abuse, lack of love and depression, self love can truly feel impossible and difficult to attain. It’s important to make a commitment to loving yourself daily by having a self love practice that’s simple and feels good, that becomes a way of life. This fills and replenishes your heart with love each day. It stops you searching outside yourself for this. Self Love opens the door to everything we desire.


💗   Why most self love stuff out there doesnt work for long and what does


Most self love doesnt work for long, because it’s missing some key elements, which your heart’s blueprint has. 

What real self love is and what it’s not


  • Self love is not doing a one off thing for yourself, or giving yourself the odd gift. It’s a deep commitment to yourself and your heart
  • It’s not putting others needs first before your own. It’s putting your needs first by having a daily loving practice of deep self care. It’s caring about how you feel and doing what makes you feel good. It’s a new way of being and living.  
  • It’s not being hard on yourself, judging and comparing yourself to others. It’s speaking to yourself in a soft, kind loving way and treating yourself like that.  It’s knowing who your true authentic self is in it’s purity and what your true worth and value is, that your heart blueprint shows you. 


💗 We are each born with a unique blueprint in our hearts for love


We are each born with a unique blueprint in our hearts, a love blueprint, that determines exactly how we want and need to be loved. No one and nothing outside of us is capable of fulfilling this blueprint. We must learn to give ourselves the love we need, in the way we need it, in order to satisfy our personal and unique blueprint.


💗   You hold the key and must unlock your unique blueprint


You will not satisfy your unique love blueprint from the outside, it’s truly an inside job that can only be done by you. But you don’t need to (and often can’t) do this alone. Self love cannot be found through others, material things, food (particularly sweet things), alcohol or drugs. The love you’re looking for is inside your heart and you are the only one who can give that to yourself and fulfill your unique blueprint.

💗  The most profoundly loving, healing and transformational gift you can give yourself is to follow your heart’s blueprint for love 

It’s time to stop looking outside ourselves for the love we need. No matter how much trauma or pain has been a part of our past, our unique blueprint holds the key to healing those wounds and transforming our lives. When we  follow our own unique heart blueprint for love, it builds a strong solid foundation of love that will always be there and can never be taken away, and shows you your truth worth and value. It’s like your own personal bank of love where you always receive a return on your investment,  continues to multiplies and grows stronger, and your heart expands in to a greater love.  Your unique blueprint holds the key.  


Crystalline Goldenhart