Meet Crystalline

Purpose and Mission

My soul’s mission and life purpose is helping Soul Led Entrepreneurs like you break free from old patterns that sabotage your happiness, freedom and success to unlock your Soul Blueprint and become the best version of you, so that you can create a life you love, and that loves you back. My magic is helping you to transform and evolve fast using Quantum Life Recoding™, a revolutionary modality I created that recodes your mind and body, your cellular memory to new powerful codes, beliefs, programs and frequencies and your Soul Blueprint. Im a transformation coach, channel, alchemist, quantum life recoder & Nia dance teacher. 
Life Experience
Crystalline has overcome trauma, abuse, depression and addictions in the past, read thousands of books, worked with many coaches, healers and therapists, only to find that nothing seemed to work for her. She then discovered that were some vital ingredients missing from everything she had tried. That’s when she created Quantum Life Recoding™