Quantum Soul-Inspired Entrepreneurs are modern-day alchemists
These are the 12 Immutable Quantum Laws of Love and Success

1. Alchemy Formula for Transformation – Grounding + Full Body Presence + Recoding + Alignment


Most people who seek out a coach, mentor or training program are looking for a quick fix strategy, which rarely works. When you’ve spent a long time using various therapies and healing modalities, including conventional ones to break free from under-loving and under-valuing yourself, truama, depression & addictions, and find they don’t work for long and you’re still imprisoned. It’s because…


  •  Conventional therapies and modalities work in the head and not the body. The cells of the body stores all your unconscious, programs, imprints, memories and experiences, so lasting transformation can only be done by working in the body. They don’t resolve the body’s unconscious addiction to fear, powerlessness, depression and limiting patterns, which is why they continue to run and repeat, until recoded to the original or new coding and consciousness.  

  •  Unlike other therapies and modalities, Quantum Transformational Life Recoding (QTLR) brings you into full body presence and a pure state of consciousness to feel everything, and unlocks the quantum field of infinite potentials, grace, magic, miracles and transformation to create quantum shifts. QTLR recodes, upgrades,  resets your mind and body to new codes, patterns and frequencies that accelerates expansion and transformation. 

  • In the quantum field of infinite potentials, the root cause of the issue is dissolved and a change history is done to rewrite old disempowering memories, patterns, imprints and DNA and new ones are installed in the right format. Command cell recoding is used to take the cells back to the original or new coding

  • Golden diamond frequencies and coding are used to recode the mind, body and cellular memory to new codes and patterns, activate higher frequencies and consciousness, create quantum shifts and activates a new powerful life code. The mind and body are brought into vibrational alignment, harmony and balance.

2. Transformation Is An Inside Job

Trying to transform your external world doesn’t change your inner world. Transformation is an inside job and can only be done in the body and not the head. When you transform your inner world, it’s reflected back to you in your external world. Quantum Soulpreneurs know this.

3. The Power Of Grounding and Full Body Presence


Living in your head stops you being grounded and fully present in your body and feeling your feelings fully, keeps you disconnected from your power, guidance, wisdom, clarity and your gifts. Quantum Soul-Inspired Entrepreneurs know that when they’re grounded and fully present in their body, they’re no longer entangled with their mind, the past and the limiting stories they tell themselves, struggling and suffering dissolves, and life begins to flow with more joy, grace and ease. They learn to live from their body with grace and ease to come from a fully embodied powerful place with their light shining brightly. Your Presence is powerful as it embodies your truth  true essence and light. 

4.   Self Love is the Golden Key to true Happiness, Fulfillment and Success

When you commit fully to yourself, commit to loving, adoring, cherishing, respecting, highly valuing yourself and treating yourself in the highest way, life then reflects that back to you in the most wonderful ways. 


5.  The real Gold and Magic is inside you


Searching for happiness, wealth, abundance, joy, love, peace, freedom, your gifts, purpose, wisdom, clarity and guidance can’t be found looking outside of yourself. It’s all inside of you. Your unique goldness and magicality are deep inside of you, a treasure chest of precious jewels encoded with your essence,  talents, gifts and the abundance of you waiting to be discovered, embraced and embodied by you.


6.  Knowing and Embodying your true Value and Worth


Most people try hard to value themselves and achievements through being in their head and thinking it, repeating  affirmations, working harder and achieving more, which doesn’t work for long. This makes you undervalue yourself more, feel disappointed, frustrated, disempowered and blocks your transformation and success. . Knowing and embodying your true value and worth in every cell of your being is the only way.


7.  Authenticity is your Super Power


Trying to fit in, copying others, comparing, judging and criticising yourself all the time and working hard to feel good enough will keep you trapped, stuck, powerless, depressed and unhappy. Embracing all of who you truly are and embodying this empowers and supercharges you and your life.


8.  Gratitude is Gold 


Focusing on what you don’t want, what’s wrong and hasn’t changed creates and attracts more of the same. Quantum Soulpreneurs focus on what they want, what’s changed, what’s different, what’s working and not focus on the opposite.  They feel gratitude in their body for this. Practicing gratitude daily entrains your mind and body to this frequency and attracts more of the same. Gratitude  raises your consciousness and frequency.


9.  New Identity And Life Code Formula – Create New Empowering Stories In Alignment With Who You Truly Are 


Quantum Soulpreneurs learn to create and tell themselves empowering stories about who they and their life, feel this deeply in their body and start to live from this place. They repattern and recode their mind, heart and body to a powerful new story and pattern and embody it, so that it becomes automatic. Telling yourself disempowering and limiting stories every day about who you think you are creates the identity and reality that you’re living, attracts and manifests more of the same that’s in alignment with this. Your mind, body and cellular memory recodes to these daily stories and create a specific Life Code that you live.


10. Visualization alone is not enough to Create and Manifest your desires


Trying to visualise and create your desires in the head doesnt align you with the vibrational frequency of them, keeps you disconnected. This is how Quantum Soulpreneurs  create…

  •  They ground themselves first, feel deeply in their body what they wish to create, feel the frequency and energy of it and expand into this. Grounding connects you to your true power, presence and pure consciousness & anchors you to the earth, which keeps you strong, resilient and calm and enables you to easily access the quantum field and magical realms. 
  •  They then wait for their guidance to take inspired aligned action. Quantum Creation Magic is about feeling everything you wish to create in your body first and becoming the consciousness and frequency of it to manifest it faster and with greater ease.

11.  Ease, Grace and Flow is the Mantra to Live by


Working hard and efforting will make you unhappy, depressed, ill, overwhelmed, feel unworthy, not good enough, too busy for you to meet your needs. It will push everything away that you want, create lots of resistance and stop you attracting and manifesting your desires. When you’re in flow you’re living with grace and ease and everything is easier, including creation. Quantum Soulpreneurs learn to play in the quantum field of infinite potential, grace, magic, miracles and transformation where everything is more fun, joyful, magical and where the real magic happens and learn to live in the unknown. 


12. Celebrate who you are and your life


Quantum Soul-Inspired Entrepreneurs celebrate who they are and their life and celebrate everything they create and receive. The frequency of Celebration is encoded with gratitude, love and joy. They are recoding their mind and body to the frequency of celebration, gratitude and love, which then becomes automatic, raises the vibrational frequency and consciousness, including attracting more of the same. 

Crystalline Goldenhart