2021 Energy is Freedom and Flow...it's a Game Changer!

Wow! If you thought 2020 was a Game Changer? Well think again….2021 is!
2021 is all about FREEDOM, EASE AND FLOW
It’s time to really take charge of your life and step into your Feminine Energy, Ease, Flow and Freedom and Receive more Abundance 

Are you done with...

  • Struggling, suffering, sacrificing yourself and your life
  • Always pushing yourself and being hard on yourself
  • Trying to prove that you’re loveable, worthy and valuable enough to others & yourself
  • Getting overwhelmed and then giving up 
  • Doing things the hard way 
  • Doing everything yourself and not feeling supported
  • Not receiving what you want

If your needs weren't met as a child, you didn't feel loved and enough then you automatically go into survival mode to protect and keep yourself safe and...

You also go into your masculine energy which stops you from…

  • Opening your heart to receive
  • Asking for help and and support and…allowing yourself to be supported
  • Being vulnerable because you think it’s a sign of weakness and you will get hurt
  • Being kind, soft, gentle, loving and easy on yourself
  • Being your true powerful beautiful self
  • Letting people get close to you
  • Trusting yourself and others
  • Allowing things to be easy in your life 
  • Thriving
  • Being in flow

If you’re still reading this, then I know that you’ve done alot of work on yourself, tried so many things and found they either didnt work, or not for long…and you’re still not where you want to be! I know you’re frustrated and looking for the next thing to work. I know that, as that was my experience and journey for a long time…until I created a new, easier and faster way…Quantum Life Recoding™ 

What's Quantum Life Recoding™?

Quantum Life Recoding™ (QLR is a revolutionary modality I developed after working hard on myself for so long (which used to be an addiction) that nothing seemed to work at all or not for long. At one point, I thought that maybe nothing worked for me, and only other people. Through my own experience and research, I discovered that there were two vital elements missing from other therapies and modalities that stopped them working completely and successfully. QLR works fast and completely transforms your life.

Quantum Life Recoding™

  • Unlocks and releases the core root of trauma, abuse, depression and addictions
  • Creates and rewrites new empowering memories to remove the emotional charge
  • Activates and recodes the mind, cellular memory, nervous system, heart and body to new empowering patterns, codes and beliefs 
  • Shifts you into a higher state of conscioussnes and state of being 
  • Creates a Quantum Life Code to live your life consciously with ease and flow. 

What are the Vital Elements Missing?

From my own experience as both a client, coach, therapist,  hypnotherapist, including my clients,  friends & family and my research, I discovered that there were two vital elements missing from other therapies and modalities that stopped them working completely and successfully.

Quantum Life Recoding …

  • It works on a cellular level and repatterns your DNA to create new empowering patterns and codes and states of being. It works on the whole mind and body.
  • It creates a new empowering Life code, a whole new way of being and living. Living from a higher state of consciousness and consciously creating your life in the way that you want activating freedom, ease and flow in every aspect of your life.

Are you Ready to...


"Crystalline helped me get out of a financially challenging situation I was in & supported me in committing to myself. Her love transmissions & readings helped me heal the core mother wound and embrace my sacred purpose to feel safe & grounded in my body. Her work is profound and helped me to embody my feminine essence. You are a rare jewel on this earth.

Harriet Fagerholm


Coach & Mentor

It All Starts With A Deep Dive Into You


  • Unlock & Activate a new empowering Love Code and Blueprint for Loveability and Enoughness
  • Activate your Divine Feminine Codes and essence
  • Connect to your Inner Guidance System (Inner GPS) to guide you on the right path & help you make the best decisions for you
  • Quantum Jump into a powerful new reality in vibrational alignment with your deepest desires
  • Create a new transformational Life Code and Blueprint that empowers and supports you & accelerates growth and expansion  
  • Activate your Loveability and Enoughness formula
  • Flip the switch to activate greater ease and flow in your life 

Crystalline helped me clear a lot of negative stuff and stopped me struggling.  My relationships are more loving and peaceful and my intuition is clearer, and I have a higher self-worth now and  value myself more.  Ive cleared the lower ceilings that kept me small and limited and Im ready for my best life!  

Are you Ready to take charge of your life and unlock your Divine Femninine Energy, Essence, Greater Self Love, Ease, Flow & Freedom in your Life?

I feel empowered and no longer trapped!  I feel truly calm inside & much happier & know I am living my truth.

Want to know exactly what's included in your 40-day immersion?


All this rich delicious goodness is included in 40-days to Unlock Greater Self Love, Ease, Flow & Abundance:

6 Live Group Transformation Sessions

For each of the 6 sections of the 40-day immersion, there will be a live group transformation session each week via zoom, which will include a powerful guided journey to release blocks and patterns using Quantum Life Recoding and the activation of a new empowering pattern and code.

6 Live Quantum Jumps into a new higher reality

Each week during each session you will finish by taking a powering Quantum Jump into a new higher reality embodying the energy and wisdom of this in vibrational alignment with your deepest desires to accelerate your growth, transformation and expansion

6 Live Group Coaching Sessions + Readings

Each week you'll have an opportunity to receive specific support via live group coaching sessions on Zoom. If you cannot make the live sessions, you can also ask your questions in advance and have them answered in the next session. It will also include card readings with guidance.

4 Quantum Life Recodings

These are channelled high vibrational mp3 recordings that will recode your mind, cellular memory and body to new empowering patterns, codes and beliefs to support you in the highest way that are transformational and activate a new higher consciousness, state of being and living

Private Supportive Community

There is a private supportive Facebook community where you can connect and support each other. receive inspiration, guidance, ask questions and celebrate your wins.

Quantum Life Hacks and Tools

These are powerful quantum life hacks and tools that will accelerate your growth, expansion and results and make everything easier.


Personal Quantum Life Alignment & Clarity Session

This is a personal 30 mins session online session where you will receive coaching, guidance, clarity, card reading and a powerful activation to align you to the course

Personal Heart Reading + Activation

This is a personal powerful heart reading and activation that will show you if there are any block and imprints and how to release them and will complete with a powerful heart activation to open and expand your heart to receive more abundance

Powerful Manifestation Tools & Processes

These are powerful manifestation tools and processes to help you manifest with greater ease and faster


...& More Details

In just 40 days we will fuse together the potency of Quantum Life Recoding and transformational journey work to show you how to flip the script on your old stories, release limiting patterns and beliefs, transform struggle and survival to thriving, ease and flow, switch on your loveability and enoughness and your Inner GPS to 

Break old patterns. Dispel outdated myths. Create a unique and blueprint to live in greater ease, flow and abundance

When:   February 7th, 2021

Where:  Online via zoom

What:    Live Group Sessions, Activations, Readings, Coaching, Q&As, Community, Support

 01     Unlock & clear key blocks to living in greater Ease and Flow 

02     Activate Ease and Flow & accelerate exponential change

03     Release blocks to Self Love & Enoughness 

04      Activate your Enoughness and Loveability Formula

05     Create a beautiful Loving relationship with yourself

06    Create and Recode to a new empowering Love story and blueprint for life




Get 40 Days to Unlock Greater Self Love, Ease and Flow


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Bonus Gift for paying in full
– a Personal Quantum Life Recoding Session 1- 2 hours + Channelled Recoding (VALUE £295)

Payment Plan

3 x payments £180

If you still have questions and think we can help, email us at crystalline@crystallinegoldenhart.com 

How do you know if this course is for you?

Book a FREE no obligations Quantum Life Breakthrough Session to see if its the right for your, gain clarity, receive coaching, card reading, guidance and a breakthrough.