As a high achieving soulpreneur woman, you know deep in your heart and soul that you are destined for so much more and ready to share your message and gifts with the world and live a life you Love and that Loves you back

You’ve been on this path for a while now and still not where you want to be and wonder why. You’ve followed your heart and done the inner work and just want to share your message and gifts with the world, but something always keeps holding you back and dragging you back down into struggle and survival, and you’re ready to thrive

You're a coach, healer, channel, therapist and ...

  •      You grew up feeling abandoned and your needs not met, and believe you have to do everything yourself & support yourself
  •      You’ve tried so hard to overcome trauma, depression, addiction and still not free
  •      You’ve worked with many different healers, coaches, teachers & nothing seems to work for long & not sure why
  •      You grew up learning that nothing goes well and nothing works and ready to change that
  •      You feel powerless when things dont go well or life gets hard and feel like giving up & ready to change this
  •      You find it difficult to completely believe and trust in yourself and stay in your power
  •      You just dont feel worthy and enough enough…no matter how hard you try
  •      You’re tired of having to prove your value and worth to yourself & others
  •      You’re done with struggling and trying to survive and ready to thrive
  •      You play small and hide for fear of being rejected and judged
  •      You’ve read many books, done many courses & trainings and it still doesn’t feel enough
  •      You’re always searching for the next new thing, hoping that it will really work this time and ready to stop

 ✓    You want to stop pushing yourself and trying to do everything yourself and allow yourself to be supported

 ✓   You want to completely let go of struggling and surviving and start to thrive an feel empowered

✓   You want to step fully into your power and learn how to take charge of you and your life

 ✓   You want to deeply love yourself and know who you truly are and your gifts

 ✓   You want to unlock and unleash your the hidden potential you know is inside of you and feel completely at peace

 ✓   You want to feel confident in your power and gifts to step into your mastery with grace and ease

✓   Aaaand you don’t want to wait months or years to get there 

The question is how?

You’ve been trying so hard for so long that you believe sacrifice, suffering, survival, self sabbotage, disempowerment,  fear and struggle is a permanent part of your journey towards living a life you love and that loves you back. 

Your heart and soul aches this strongly calling you to share your message and gifts with the world, do what lights you up, shine your light brightly, thrive and succeed.

It’s time to step into the life you love and that loves you back 

Crystalline helped me get out of the financially challenging situation I was in and supported me in committing to myself.  Your love transmissions & readings helped me heal the core mother wound and embrace my sacred purpose, feeling safe and grounded in my body.  You gave me the  tools to quickly transform my being. Your work is profound and loving and helped me to embody my feminine essence. Thank you Crystalline. I am so grateful. You are a rare jewel on this earth understanding what the mother wound does to us and what it needs to heal. I am grateful beyond words for our connection.

Harriet Fagerholm


Mentor & Coach

To achieve radical fast results you need to try something completely different. What if I told you that you could step into a life you love and that loves you back in 60 days without …

The reason those things haven’t worked so far isn’t because there’s something wrong with you, it’s because you were never given the right and whole formula to achieve success and  mastery.

Until now. The Upgrade you and your Life is a highly powerful transformational and healing  experience than you will have ever experienced before in your lifetime.

The secret to transforming your outer world is inner transformation, which means that magic ingredient to living a life you love and that loves you back, success and everything you've been searching for has been inside you all the time

How am I so sure of  this? Because over the last 25 years working in human psychology, the addiction field and NHS, and pioneering my own transformational modality, Quantum Life Recoding™ and formulas in the personal and life  transformation success industry, I’ve developed and mastered a unique approach to transformation  that has helped many spiritual women entrepreneurs experience huge results.

Results like


I have experienced a lot of struggle in my life and blocks to manifesting my ideal life. Crystalline did very powerful activations during the course and golden tapping sequences and channelled recodings that recoded the cellular memory and nervous system to new codes.  It has cleared a lot of negative stuff. My relationships are more loving and peaceful and my intuition is clearer. I have a higher self-worth now. I value myself more. I feel I have cleared the lower ceilings that were keeping me small and limited and that I am ready for my best life yet! I highly recommend taking her Recoding class as if you feel drawn to it as it will shift you into a higher vibrational reality.”

Meet Crystalline 

As the creator of Quantum Life Recoding™, transformation coach, quantum life recoder, channel and alchemist, it’s my soul’s mission and life purpose to  help spiritual badass women entrepreneurs break free from old patterns that sabotage their happiness and success, to step into a life that they love and that loves them back. 

Quantum Life Recoding™

Quantum Life Recoding™(QLR) is a new powerful transformational modality that works fast and has five key elements unlocks the blueprint to living a life you love and that loves you back,  dissolves the root cause of your issue(s), rewrites your DNA and old disempowering memories to remove the emotional charge by creating and installing new memories in the right format, repatterns & entrains and recodes the mind, cellular memory, heart and body to this blueprint and your future, accelerating you to a higher level of consciousness and expansion and living a life you love that loves you back.

Quantum Mind Repatterning & Recoding

Unlocks and releases the root cause of your issue(s), subconscious limiting beliefs, patterns, programs, and creates new empowering ones that support you in being the highest version of you - loving who you are and in your power and greatness.

Quantum Cellular Memory Recoding

Rewriting new memories, so there's no longer a charge and recoding to new empowering ones.Recoding the cellular memory to a new life where youre thriving and feel more fulfilled

Level 3: Quantum Heart Recoding

Releasing core heart wounds and heartbreaks stopping you from thriving and being successful so that you deeply love yourself, truly believe in yourself and feel free to be who you really are. Recoding your heart to receive abundance and to a higher love consciousness and vibration.

Level 4: Quantum Body Upgrade & Recoding

Upgrade the body to a new energetic template and entrain the the energy centres to a higher vibrational frequency for greater vitality, radiance and wellbeing. Recode and entrain the body to a higher consciousness and elevated emotions and a new empowered way of being and living.

Conscious creation and inspired aligned action

Entrainment of your mind and body to consciously create your life and your future and recoding your body to experience your future. Learning how to follow your guidance and take inspired aligned action and become a vibrational match for all that you desire.

These all blend beautifully together for the most profound transformation you will have ever experienced. After 45 days you will be a whole new version of yourself, thriving, empowered and living a live you love that loves you back.

You were put on this earth to make a difference in the world and transform lives in your own special way — and you’re doing it! But you know you haven’t yet unlocked and embraced the powerful potential hiding deep  within you. And you don’t know what’s stopping you from thriving,  fulfilling your true potential, being successful, increasing your abundance and happiness.

What's included?

Here’s exactly what’s included in this powerful and life-changing private 1:1 package:

1. A Success Mapping Assessment that allows us to:a.

expertly and quickly uncover the biggest hidden blocks, limiting beliefs, programs and Saboteurs that are blocking your next level of success (these are often buried in your subconscious, so you won’t even realise they’ve been holding you back until after this assessment, and that in itself initiates unbelievable transformation!)

b. Get crystal clear on the incredible upgrade and transformational outcomes we are going to achieve during our time together 

2. A 2.5 hour Transformational Recoding session
which are personally tailored to your desired outcomes to deeply and rapidly release those limiting beliefs, programs and patterns stopping you from deeply loving, believing and trusting in yourself, and includes a powerful whole body to new higher states of being, consciousness  and vibrational frequency codes to create space for you to receive and achieve more success with ease

3. A 2.5 hour Transformational Recoding Success session 
which are personally tailored to your desired outcomes to deeply and rapidly release limiting beliefs and programs to stopping you from being in your power, greatness, and success,  embracing your gifts fully, stepping into mastery, thriving and leading a more fulfilling life.

3. Six transformational success coaching sessions which are personally tailored to your desired outcomes to unlock, activate and align you to your next level of love, peace, joy,  thriving, abundance and success, including learning how to consciously create your life, reality and your future. 

5. Transformational Energy Centres Entrainment and Recoding recording
This recording will entrain and align your  whole body and energy centres to elevated emotions for greater wellbeing, vitality, energy and radiance 

6. A 100% personalised Mind & Body New Template Recoding recording
 that will calibrate your mind, cellular memory, heart and body to the new mind & body template to activate and embody higher states of being, consciousness energy, and action for your desired outcomes, so you’re literally programmed be and live in a higher state of being and consciousness for more success with ease and you feel more aligned, confident, and motivated than ever before

7. A 100% personalised Transformation Success recoding 
 that will calibrate your mind, cellular memory, heart and body to your power and greatness, your gifts, mastery and success t so you’re literally programmed for more success with ease and you feel more aligned, confident, and motivated than ever before

8. Email and Facebook messenger support from me throughout the 60 days 

woman free
I  feel more empowered by my continual Grounding Practice & checking in with my Heart plus I don’t feel Trapped !!  I feel truly calm inside & much happier.  I do believe I am living my truth, I have lost my fear of expressing myself in my relationships & have discovered that I can do so in a clear, concise & kind way.
Thank you so so much,  things that I have allowed to niggle me for years & as a consequence have been left to fester & cause me emotional harm feel healed.  

What are the results and transformations?

Quantum Life Recoding ™ is  encoded with quantum physics, neuroscience, spiritual and ancient wisdom tools. It involves a unique blend of quantum healing, neuroscience, psychological tools, advanced hypnotherapy, mind, heart, and energy healing, attunements, activations,  recoding, and success transformation coaching to activate radical change fast.

If you’re wondering whether 60 days simply isn’t long enough to upgrade and recode you and your life, people often refer to my work as ‘alchemical’ or ‘’magical” as the powerful effects are almost immediate. Here are some of the saboteurs I am known for transforming within that short timeframe.

Feeling Unworthy. Childhood trauma. Feeling Unloveable. Feeling Insignificant. Limiting Beliefs. Lack of Confidence. Self doubt. Lack of Trust. Abundance and money blocks. Feeling not good enough. Trying too hard. Overworking.  Perfectionism. Heart wounds and blocks to loving and receiving. Depression. Addictions

Imagine how it would feel to finally  love, believe and trust in yourself 

To completely heal deep childhood trauma and feel free

To believe and know that you are deeply loveable and significant

To know that you are highly valuable

To finally thrive and live a more fulfilling live

These are just a few examples of actual client results. And while clients describe my work as magical and alchemical, the transformation is extremely real. 

It’s not a case that anything is possible for you

Everything is possible for you

The investment for this ultimate transformation is £3333 (though 

I need you to know that whatever trauma you have experienced, core heart wounds, limiting beliefs and programs that keep holding you back, and however long you’ve been living in survival and struggle mode and not thriving:  

You can heal and release this and recode, and you will heal this.

And when you heal and transform  yourself, you can help the world in a whole new beautiful powerful way.

You weren’t born to settle, play small, hide your light and gifts, You were born to soar and shine your light brightly.

Your Mind and Body Upgrade and Recoding awaits: 

Please note – full payment must be received before the package can begin.