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My Passion? Empowering women to RECODE their Mind, Heart & Body to Self Love,Wellbeing & Success

Does this feel like You?

Struggled all your life to Love and Believe in yourself & to feel Empowered.

Don’t feel Enough no matter how hard you try and what you do

Found it difficult to be your True Authentic Self & feel FREE to follow your own path.

Been pushing yourself to the point that your wellness is suffering, causing, stress, migraines, stomach problems, depression and addictions.

Do too much & work too hard, which makes you too busy for your feelings, feel & hear what your body wants.

Feel like nothing works no matter how hard you try to make changes and you’ve had enough & really need your life to change and shift but don’t where to start.

Feel STUCK and keep sabotaging yourself, repeating the same patterns because deep down you don’t feel Enough and don’t feel Worthy. I used to be in the same place.

You see the main reason why you feel STUCK & not who you want to be & where you want to be is because you haven’t learnt how to completely recode your Mind, Heart & Body to Joy, Self Love, Wellness & Success 

And Here’s how I can help you Transform that

What most people don’t know is that Self Love, Wellness, feeling Enough & your success is determined by your …

MINDSET (your thoughts, beliefs, fears, doubts & programs
HEART (healing emotional wounds, programs of unworthiness, rejection & abandonment, heartbreak and relationships)
BODY (healing core programs & limiting beliefs, truama, abuse & addictions, listening to your body’s wisdom & moving to the design and intelligence of it ).
I know this from my own experience.

Working on my mindset, heart and body using my transformational recode and reset success model helped me to change and activate a Success Mindset, heal my heart & break free from past experiences & programs that were blocking my wellbeing and success, heal my body from truama abuse and addiction, reset and recode my mind, heart & body to self love and belief, feeling enough, wholeheartedness & whole wellbeing.

What most coaches, counsellors, therapists and books don’t tell you is that shifting to the next level of success happens when you work on your mindset, heart and body to achieve deep self love, self belief, self worth, wholeheartedness, wholebodyness and feeling you are ENOUGH

No matter what you do, how hard you try, you are just not able to achieve your worth

An inner belief or a feeling that you are just not enough is the common denominator to many emotional issues and the number one issue that blocks people from happiness and success.

I discovered there are the three golden keys to true success in all areas of your life:

Success Mind recode & reset for mental
Success Heart recode & reset for
emotional wellbeing and
Success Body recode & reset for health
health & wellbeing

I developed my own unique approach and model for transformational success and wellbeing. It’s a blend of transformation coaching & hypnotherapy.


Thank you to Crystalline for a very powerful karmic imprint clearing session. It was very deep and profound session clearing a lot of old debris that I had been working on for years. Afterwards I felt so expanded and Empowered. it is amazing how you can actually clear old memories of pain from 30+ years ago with determination, devotion and help from friends. I can feel the change in my energy and look forward to living the rest of my life from the view point of my New Past. Blessings Crystalline.


Crystalline has such a beautiful soul. She exudes from her being her desire, knowledge and skill to assist people on soul embodiment. Crystalline is my sister from another life and someone we can all relate to in this life. My session with her allowed me to for the first time experience myself from within my body rather than being seperate from. If you are looking for someone to assist you on the next level of your journey…Crystalline has the heart and skill to assist and accompany you.


I have had many sessions with healers so I really mean this by saying she is the most effective out there and in a loving, caring way. The key to happiness is the heart and Crystalline is the best person there is to guide you through it. I have learned alot of myself in these sessions and they are still affecting me now a couple of weeks later. The recordings are always there to have and they still help me to show more love. Thank You, Crystalline for helping me so much


Dear Crystalline, when I started working with you, I was in a very challenging situation, financially in struggle and knowing I need to step out but having a lot of resistance. You made me take the step, following up and supporting in such a way that I got the courage to commit to myself. The love transmissions, readings and all support have made me heal the mother wound, embracing my sacred purpose more and more. Feeling safe and grounded in my body. I now have the tools now to quickly transform my being. Her work is profound and loving, inviting us to embody our feminine essence by being grounded and safe in our bodies. Thank you Crystalline. I am so grateful for our contact, you are a rare jewel on this earth understanding what the mother wound does to us and what it needs to heal. I am grateful beyond words for our connection. Much love.